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What is a muscle knot?

A muscle knot is a myofascial trigger point. It consists of tense sometimes intertwined bands of muscle fibers.



1. Trauma
Have you experienced trauma in your life? It can be physical trauma, emotional trauma or a combination of both. This is one of the 1st reasons that will pop into your head if asked why you are in pain. Car accident, fall at work, physical abuse, neurological imbalances, emotional abuse, sports injury, surgery. Any of these sound familiar?


2. Stress
Muscle tension is a popular occurrence. When asked where the problems lie, I usually hear, " I have lots of tension in my shoulders or I sometimes suffer from tension headaches." The tension that is carried is usually referred from another area of muscles. Find your relief at​​

3. Side effects from Drugs / Toxins
Toxins are embedded into connective tissues and muscles. These toxins sit dormant and reduce the activity of the muscles. Are you on any over the counter or prescription medications or ingest junk? Maybe you should get your detox started at​​

4. Incorrect Posture
Slouching or poor posture causes the muscles to have to work harder to stabilize the spine. If prolonged, other muscles may start to overcompensate for the ones that become tired. This in turn will completely throw off the correct balance of the body possibly causing blood vessel and nerve impingement. Click here to correct some of the issues with incorrect posture.​​

5. Inflammation
I have saved inflammation for last due to the fact that some of the above can cause inflammation in the muscle tissue. Any condition that causes the inflammation is referred to as myositis. These can be side effects from drugs, injuries or trauma or autoimmune disorders to name a few. Find out how to reduce inflammation here.

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