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Revive Your Spirit
            Meditation Creation

     Revive your spirit and relax your mind. Meet with a class of like minded individuals, single class or virtually to participate in an individual or group meditation session led by Erica Lambert.

     This class will help you to find and release the stress from mental fatigue and anxiety from daily life so that you can move forward with more peace and cognitive strength.

     Could you use a class that will help you make the most of your hours, your body and your mind? Of course you could.

     Allow Erica to show you how to increase your mental and learn to relax your body therefore adding to your quality of life.

Why is this class  beneficial for you?

1. Reduce stress

2. Help analyze yourself

3. Provides better control over emotions and pain

4. Increases focus

5. Increases compassion

6. Lowers depression

7. Improve health

8. Helps sleep

Only $55

Only $55

Only $55

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BONUS:    Don't Wait!!!

It will also include a 15 min. consultation with Erica & 15 min mini massage session to be scheduled at a later time.

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